Certification of persons in welding and NDT

The Certification Body for certification of persons in welding and NDT at FIRST WELDING COMPANY Inc Bratislava has been accredited by the Slovak Accreditation Service (Slovak abbr. (SNAS) in accordance with  STN EN ISO/IEC 17 024, which issued to it the Certificate on accreditation No. O-006.

  1. Scope of accredited activities:
    •  certification of persons in welding:
      • higher welding specialists – welding engineer, welding technologist, welding specialist, welding inspector, welding instructor,
      • welder with certification in accordance with  STN EN 287-1 and STN EN ISO 9606, welder - operator/setter for resistance welding in accordance with STN EN ISO 14732, welder of thermoplastics in accordance with STN EN 13067 and brazing/soldering operator in accordance with STN EN ISO 13585,
    •  certification of persons in non-destructive testing:
      • NDT methods – radiographic testing RT, ultrasonic testing UT, eddy current testing ET, magnetic powder testing MT, dye penetrant (capillary) testing PT, visual inspection VT, VT ThP (for thermoplastics) and leakage testing LT - in 1, 2 and 3 qualification degree,
      • assessment of radiograms of welded joints RT-FAS, ultrasonic thickness measurement UTT,
      • testing of corrosion and surface treatment.

Description of qualifications in welding and NDT

Patterns of issued certificates

Lists of certified specialists

  1. Other offered activities (non-accredited):
    •  activities performed for welding schools,
    •  approval of welding procedures,
    •  welding supervision,
    •  advisory services,
    •  professional seminars
    •  performing the activities of non-destructive field testing.


  1. Cooperation with  TÜV Rheinland Group 


Contacts persons:
Mrs. Eva Gubóová, phone: +421 02/68262 211, guboova.eva@pzvar.sk, Deputy Chief of Certification Body
Mrs. Eva Herczegová, phone: +42102/68262 211,
herczegova.eva@pzvar.sk, Certification Operative