Vibrators for reduction of residual stresses

Vibrational equipment type VZ4 is destined for reduction of residual stresses in parts as weldments, forgings and castings. Vibrational treatment substitutes the stress relief annealing in cases where the dimensional stability of parts is required. Advantage of vibrational treatment compared to annealing consists in great savings of time, power and also transport costs, owing to the fact that the vibrational equipment is portable. The equipment assures an automatic control of vibrational process with possibility to vibrate on any pre-selected frequencies with appropriate vibration time, while also protocol on vibrational treatment can be created.
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Vibrational equipment type VZ 4
A set up of vibrational equipment type VZ 4 with a sprung table for vibrational treatment of assemblies with small dimensions
Reducing residual stresses in practice
Reducing residual stresses in practice