Welding school

Basic welding courses, training and examination in the welding legislation as per STN 05 0705: 

  • ZK111-1, ZK111-21, ZK111-6, ZK111-8, ZK311-1, ZK141-8, ZK141-21, ZK141-1, ZK135-1, ZK135-8, ZK135-21.

Training for:

  • operation of flame welding equipment as per ZP311-1-8,
  • operation of arc welding equipment as per ZP111-1-8, ZP135-1,8, ZP141-1,8.

Training courses for qualification test of welders, validity extension of the certificates (periodical tests) of welders with certification pursuant to STN EN ISO 9606, STN EN ISO 13585, STN EN ISO 14732 or STN EN 13067.

Courses are also executed directly at the customer’s premises (minimum 5 participants) in the presence of a welding instructor from the welding school PRVÁ ZVÁRAČSKÁ, a. s.

Contact person:

Mgr. Katarína Fabiánová, 02/68 262 224, fabianova.katarina@pzvar.sk