Classical arc welding technologies

The arc welding technologies employing MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA processes are at present the most widely used industrial technologies applied for joining of materials. The workplaces of FWC Inc. are equipped with most modern welding power sources from renown companies as ESAB, KEMPI and LINCOLN. We offer the development of welding technology and preparation of welding technological procedures (WPS) in accordance with customers´ requirements. We also perform the repairs and renovations of damaged parts by classical methods of arc welding.

Ing. Daniel Dřímal, PhD., tel.: 00421 2/ 68 262 115,
Fotogaléria k produktu: 
Repair of parting plane in nuclear reactor type VVR 1000 by surfacing process
MAG welding of I profiles with automatic guidance of torches
Arc welding of armatures for special drilling heads
MAG welding with four torches simultaneously