Material diagnostics

We have a rich experience in the field of assessment of materials, welded structures and equipment regarding their integrity, safety and service reliability. We also deal with the questions of determining residual life of structures, first of all by the fitness for purpose approach. At assessment we apply the most recent knowledge from the Commissions V, X, XI, XIII and XV of IIW (International Institute of Welding).

  • In case of breakdowns we provide the expert activities at assessment of failure causes based on the material, structural and fractographical analysis of damaged parts.
  • Through application of fracture mechanics methods (fatigue, brittle fracture, stress corrosion) we determine the critical flaw size that would lead to occurrence of a limit state in structure.
  • We analyse the correlation of degradation effects due to service and external loading with the aim to prevent the occurrence of limit state.
  • We perform risk analysis of limit states by monitoring the response of a structure to service conditions during its life with the aim to determine the terms of repairs or termination of structure service.
doc. Ing. Peter Polák, PhD. - representative for accredited and authorized subjects
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