Third party organisation


The Certification Body for certification of persons in welding and NDT at the FIRST WELDING COMPANY Inc announces to its customers dealing with welding and non-destructive testing that on proposal of the Office for Standardisation, Metrology and Testing of the Slovak Republic, the FIRST WELDING COMPANY Inc, as SKTC-176 was approved and registered at Brussels as the

Third Party Organisation

for examination of conformity with requirements of EU directive 97/23/EC, see the Supplement No. 1, point 3.1.2, point 1.3.

The list of notified persons is presented on the web page testing and technical standardisation, list of notified persons.

This registration assures in full extend issuing of certificates with extended validity (PED) for welders, brazing/soldering operators, for specialists of non-destructive testing for pressure vessels or their parts and for approval of working procedures.


doc. Ing. Peter Polák, PhD. - Director of Certification Activities Division
02/ 68 262 201,