High-productive welding lines and complexes

Our company is providing complex deliveries of high-productive automated welding lines starting from development, manufacture up to implementation at a customer. The lines consist of workplaces that are linked together functionally and assure a continuous production process with productivity reaching even 500 tons of welded structures per month. They allow a wide variability of shapes  and dimensions of welded parts, as for example atypical beams of all common profiles (I,T,L,U), which are used for the structures of steel frameworks of production halls, gantries and runways of cranes as well as the structures of technological complexes. The individual workplaces of the line can be used also as stand alone equipment.   

Ing. Tomáš Fodrek, tel.: 00421 2/68 262 130, fodrek.tomas@pzvar.sk


Fotogaléria k produktu: 
Automatic welding line for welding beams of production halls
Workplace for welding high beams
Pracovisko na zváranie plátov metódou MIG/MAG
Workplace type JUS destined for welding I profiles by a simultaneous use of four torches
Welding of an I profile beam on JUS workplace
Overall view on a welding line completely installed in working facilities of a customer